The changing atmosphere of Esport Quebec

Technology is advancing faster, and so is every other aspect of life. So far, the world has witnessed the digitization of services which were once provided only at brick and mortar stores. From e-government to online casinos, everything is now moving towards the digital platform. No wonder, it is no surprise to hear of electronic sports (e-sports).

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As people are enthusiastically testing and exploiting the digital experience in various industries, government is proving to be the slowest. Countries and provinces continue to hold on to Stone Age regulations in the name of protecting revenues. However, things continue to change even in the strictest regions. It is as if scales are falling off the eyes of persons in these offices. One such area that has experienced tremendous transformation in sports and betting is Quebec.

For a long time, betting companies in Canada have been cautious when it comes to their activities in Quebec. This has been because esport Quebec has been overly regulated, with restriction placed, especially on betting certain games, and especially e-sports which were merely regarded as publicity contests. Therefore, sports betting companies made careful restrictions for residents of Quebec, until very recently.

The consideration of e-sports as a competition that is skill based in 2016 was a decision that was welcomed by many. It has not only the changed the direction of esport Quebec, enabling residents to take part in international tournaments, but also come with the freedom to bet on these games. It has brought great enthusiasm and much engagement in what was not, and now is.

Nothing can describe the excitement more than the recently organized tournament between players from Quebec City and Montreal with fans gathering in the night to watch the game. This gives a clear indication that there is more to come, and especially as it pertains to innovation in the sports industry. With this opening, Quebec residents can now join the world of thrill.

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